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Harveys Online Escort Booking Form


Please use the form below to make an appointment with one or two of our Harveys.
For more than two
Harveys please call us on 07957 79 79 69 or email .

Only use the
Harveys Online Escort Booking Form for bookings a day or more in advance.

For same day bookings call us on 07957 79 79 69.



* Your Name:   If in a hotel, ensure this is the name the room is booked under.
* Your Email Address:   Confirmation of your appointment will be emailed to you.
* Your Contact Number:   So your Escort can call you.  If your have any time preferences, add this to the instructions field at the bottom.
* First Choice Escort:   Use the drop down list to select your preferred Escort.
Second Choice Escort:   If your first choice Escort is unavailable, you have the option to request a second choice.  For a two-girl appointment, select your second girl here.
* Appointment Date:   Enter the date for your appointment. 
For same day bookings call us on 07957 79 79 69.
* Appointment Start Time:   Enter the time for your appointment
* Appointment Type: Outcall   Incall (in Nottingham) Please select the type of appointment you require.
* Length of Appointment::   Use the drop down list to select the length of appointment requested.
* Appointment Location:   Enter the location for the appointment in this box.  Please provide enough detail for your Escort to find the location, such as an address (including postcode) or a hotel name and room number.
* Payment Method:   We do not take payment by Debit/Credit Card at the moment.
Instructions / Notes / Special Requirements:   Please enter any additional information, such as detailed location directions, special requests such as a fantasy appointment or a request for the way your Escort dresses, or notes like 'meet me in the bar as the lift requires a room keycard to work'.

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We will email confirmation of your booking to the email address you provided.


Remember Please - Same day bookings, you must call us.